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In our boat rental you can compare over 100 boats in Berlin and book them directly with the provider. Do you want to rent a party boat and explore Berlin? Or would you rather rent a raft and sail across the lakes? Or do you fancy a swim with a barbecue boat?

Boat types and categories

Boat tour Berlin

There are endless possibilities to explore the capital and its sights on a boat tour in Berlin. On our homepage, we provide tips on specific cruising areas and recommend boats and rafts for certain events.
The categories are divided by purpose and sailing area. Are you planning a team event in Berlin? Then you will find on the corresponding subpage all party boats that are suitable for company parties and in which area of Berlin they sail. You want to rent a motorboat? Then we explain to you which boats you can rent even without a boating license. For houseboats we recommend a look at the number of beds on board. Learn everything you need to know for a vacation of several days on the water. Maybe you want to rent a raft and go on an adventure trip for a day? With us you will find the right barbecue raft with your dream configuration of price, equipment and sailing area. We also offer a guided Spree trip with skipper or boats for bachelor parties in Berlin. Renting a boat has never been so easy. We give you all the important information about boat rental in Berlin. You can access the boat tours here.

Berlin Water Map

The water map covers all Berlin waters and contains a lot of useful information. Popular boating areas are Lake Müggelsee in the east of Berlin and Lake Tegel, Lake Wannsee and the Havel River in the west. By the way, you can anchor and swim almost everywhere. Most boats also have a grill on board. The River Spree flows through the middle of the capital and offers numerous sights that can be viewed from the water. For boat trips through the Berlin city center, we advise to rent boats with skipper. Due to the high volume of traffic in this area (between the Charlottenburg lock and the Mühlendamm lock), a skipper's license is required, as well as a radio license during the day (see FAQ).
Discover excursion destinations, water filling stations, lock information, piers and shopping. There are supermarkets with their own boat docks. Just dock and stock up on food and drinks. Check the lock opening times to avoid being faced with closed gates in the evening. The map also includes the respective radio channels and phone numbers.
Our promise: Berlin's water world will take your breath away! Hardly any other city combines urban charm and nature in such a harmonious way as Berlin. Whether you are an experienced skipper or a newly qualified sailor - here you will find the right route for your next boat trip. You can access the water map here.

Rent out your own boat

You want to rent your own boats on our platform and generate customers for your own company? The process is very easy. Please use our contact form or send us an email to First we need information about your boats (pictures, prices and the link to your homepage). We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss further details and conditions. The entry itself is free of charge.
Through our platform you can reach a wide audience of potential guests in Berlin. We place your boats in the appropriate categories and provide your customers with an optimal overview of your boats and services. Save precious time and resources for advertising campaigns. We do it for you. It is important that you already have the necessary infrastructure of a boat rental company (boat certificate, commercial mooring and staff on site to hand over the boats to your customers). And of course your boat rental should be near Berlin. You can access the contact form here.

Persons in Charge

Our team consists of true Berliners. With more than 100 boats in our repertoire, we are your first point of contact for ships, partyboats and houseboats in Berlin. Based in the capital, we know every operator and boat personally. We are close to the customer and find the right boat for every budget.

Lisa Brosig

Lisa (the navigator)

Lots of good humor and an always cool head make Lisa our telephone acrobat. She has a firm grip on the steering wheel and navigates our lively bunch. She likes to share her passion for water and advises you on all questions concerning our boats. Quick-witted and charming, she finds a solution for every problem.

Julian Sarstedt

Julian (the captain)

He is the captain of the Mathilda and the heart and soul of our favorite boats (Mathilda, Goldelse and Beluga). He keeps calm in every situation and a smile on his face.

Achim Diesing

Achim & Rudi (boat addicts)

He is the founder of Berlin boat rental. His hobby became a vocation. You could lovingly call him "obsessed" because he has made it his mission to share his love of boats with everybody. Thus, he is rarely on the road without a notebook and mobile phone to promptly implement the wishes of his customers.

Manuel Vogel

Manuel (der Funker)

Our communication officer on the phone. Manuel takes care of all your questions about boat hire and ensures unforgettable events on the Mathilda.


Sven (the mechanic)

The urge for perfection puts Sven at full speed. True to the motto: "There is always something to do!" There is no stopping him from taking things apart and putting them back together! No plank or screw is safe from him! With the most beautiful workplace in Berlin, he tends to forget his way home in the evening.

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Please use this contact form for general questions about boat rental in Berlin or if you own a boat, ship or raft and want to post it on our website. For specific questions about individual boats and rafts, please always use the contact form of the respective boat. Your message will then reach the right contact person immediately.

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