Rent a boat, raft or ship in Berlin

Berlin boat rental

Berlin boat rental

Compare more than 100 boats and rent the perfect ship for your event. Sail through Berlin on a party boat or take a raft across the Havel. Celebrate a stag party on a barbecue boat or enjoy a romantic vacation on a houseboat. The team of Berlin Bootsverleih will be happy to assist you in planning your boat trip.

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Rent a houseboat or raft in Berlin

Persons in Charge

Our team consists of true Berliners. With more than 100 boats in our repertoire, we are your first point of contact for ships, partyboats and houseboats in Berlin. Based in the capital, we know every operator and boat personally. We are close to the customer and find the right boat for every budget.

Achim Diesing

Achim (the captain)

He is the founder of Berlin boat rental. His hobby became a vocation. You could lovingly call him "obsessed" because he has made it his mission to share his love of boats with everybody. Thus, he is rarely on the road without a notebook and mobile phone to promptly implement the wishes of his customers.

Lisa Brosig

Lisa (the navigator)

Lots of good humor and an always cool head make Lisa our telephone acrobat. She has a firm grip on the steering wheel and navigates our lively bunch. She likes to share her passion for water and advises you on all questions concerning our boats. Quick-witted and charming, she finds a solution for every problem.


Sven (the mechanic)

The urge for perfection puts Sven at full speed. True to the motto: "There is always something to do!" There is no stopping him from taking things apart and putting them back together! No plank or screw is safe from him! With the most beautiful workplace in Berlin, he tends to forget his way home in the evening.

Berlin Boat Tour

There are almost endless possibilities to explore the capital and its sights from the river Spree. We offer Berlins finest boats and also last minute tours. Book a boat for a sightseeing boat tour, city tour or steamboat ride through the city center. Rent an exclusive party boat in Berlin or a license free boat on the lakes. Or opt for a private boat tour with a houseboat, raft or grill boat. Are you planning the next birthday or bachelor party? In recent years, the Spree has developed into a stronghold for party boats and ships. Compare all boats and book your favorite. Do you dream of driving through Berlin on a houseboat? In many areas you can charter motor boats and houseboats without a boat license. Renting a boat or raft in Berlin has never been so easy. Talk to us. We have bundled all the important information to rent a boat in Berlin. Learn more about boat tours

Sightseeing in Berlin

Berlin is full of sights and insider tips. A Berlin boat tour through the capital is definitely worth it! Let an experienced skipper take you to the most beautiful spots on the Spree and Havel. Or book a ticket for a steamboat trip across the Spree. Of course you can also rent a motor boat or houseboat and drive it yourself. Boat rental Berlin offers over 100 boats, rafts and ships in the capital. Self-drivers (with and without a boat license) will get their money's worth at Havel, Wannsee and Müggelsee. By the way: grill boats are particularly popular in these waters. Here you can anchor almost anywhere, relax and bathe in the sun. For boat trips through downtown Berlin, we recommend boats with a skipper from Fischerinsel or Oberbaumbrücke. Background: Due to the high volume of traffic, a boat license and a radio license are required in this area (between Charlottenburg and Fischerinsel). Just sit back and enjoy the view. Learn more about sightseeing


Our homepage gives you your first ideas for your boat trip. Find excursion destinations, water filling stations, insurance and shopping facilities. Don't worry if you run out of food. There are many shopping malls close to the water. Just take the rental boat to a supermarket and buy everything your seafaring heart desires. Enjoy the sunset at the famous lake Wannsee or in front of the Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island). Berlin's water world will take your breath away. Hardly any other city combines urban charm and nature in such a perfect way like Berlin. Charter a houseboat, grill boat or party ship at Berlin boat rental and start an adventure that you will remember for a long time. No matter if you are an experienced skipper or a rookie - we will find the perfect boat for you. Go to our map

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