BBQ boats Berlin

BBQ boat Berlin

Rent a barbecue raft in Berlin and go on an adventure

With a barbecue raft in Berlin, you have numerous options to spend a unique time on the water. Here are some things you can do with a barbecue raft in Berlin:

  • Barbecue and picnic on a Grill Raft: The most obvious is, of course, barbecue! On a Grill Raft Berlin, you can prepare your own meals while enjoying the picturesque surroundings of Berlin's waters.

  • Relaxation and sunbathing: Bring your swimsuits and air mattresses and relax on your grill raft. Enjoy the sun and jump into the water. Some of the rafts also have a water slide. Your kids will love it!

  • Celebrations and events on a barbecue raft Berlin: A raft is perfect for small celebrations or special occasions. Whether it's a birthday, a bachelor party or just a social gathering with friends, a barbecue raft in Berlin provides you with a unique party location. Get on a raft & go.

  • Fishing & Water Sports: You can fish from your barbecue raft. Note, however, that you will need a valid fishing license. Depending on the type of barbecue raft, you can also consider water sports activities like stand-up paddling or canoeing.

  • Sunset cruise: Plan a romantic sunset cruise on a barbecue raft Berlin.

Our raft rental offers you a wide selection. Rent a license-free barbecue raft for 8 people and follow in the footsteps of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. Or book a large barbecue raft for up to 30 people and let an experienced skipper sail you across the Berlin lakes.

BBQ Raft Berlin

You want to rent a barbecue raft Berlin?

The most important criteria for your selection are the number of people, the location of the barbecue raft and the cost. We have rafts for 4 to 30 people. Our locations are Spandau, Tegel, the Müggelsee and the Havel (near Wannsee). You can request any Grillfloss-Berlin without obligation online or book directly.

What includes equipment on a raft in Berlin?

  • Grill raft for self-drivers without a boat license: On board there is always a covered area to protect you from rain. Of course, each grill raft also has a swim ladder and a gas grill on board. Optionally you can book a camping toilet and a jukebox. Some rafts also have a water slide on board. All rafts are easy to operate. Our raft rental gives you a detailed briefing before the tour. These rafts are inexpensive to rent and are usually rather rustic in design.

  • Grill raft Berlin with sun deck and bathroom: Rent a lounge raft with grill to enjoy maximum comfort. On board there is always a bathroom with hand basin and proper toilet. The lounge offers protection from rain and sun in all weather conditions. A gas grill and swim ladder are, of course, standard equipment on these exclusive grill rafts. The rental prices of these rafts often already include an experienced skipper. The comfort on board usually significantly exceeds the rafts for self-drivers.

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