Frequently asked questions

COVID-19: Can I book a boat right now?

Our office is open regularly and bookings are accepted as usual. If your boat tour cannot take place due to Corona restrictions, there will be no charge. Please keep in mind that we will have to comply with distance and hygiene rules on the boats again this summer. Therefore, your preferred boat may not be allowed to sail with the regular number of people.

These Corona rules apply to boat rentals in Berlin at least until May 19th. The following groups are allowed to rent a boat:

  • 5 people from two households (couples count as one household)

  • children under the age of 14 are not included and are additionally allowed on board

  • the hygiene and distance rules must be observed

  • houseboats with overnight accommodation may not be chartered

Boat driving license: Do I need a driving licence for boats?

Boats with an engine power of up to 15 HP may be driven without a boat license. For all other boats you need either a sport boat driver's license (SBF-Binnen) or a skipper. Our search mask helps you to choose the right boat.

Availability: Which boats are available?

Simply use the boat contact forms to inquire about availability.

Can we pick up latecomers?

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to take in guests after the tour has started. This is only allowed at official moorings and every docking would be billed by the owners. Exception: If you are traveling with a small charter boat, you can stop at one of the many 24-hour sport boat moorings. Commercial event ships, however, are not allowed to do this.

Number of people: How many people are allowed on the boats?

The maximum number of persons allowed is prescribed by law and cannot be exceeded (no exceptions).

Can I leave food and drinks the day before the boat tour?

Unfortunately that is not possible. With the boats in constant use, your supplies would reduce the space on board for other passengers. Storage at the jetty is also not possible, as there are usually no offices there. Our tip: use a private car (ideally equipped with a cool box) as a storage option.

Do I have to return the boat before sunset?

This is only the case with small boats. These watercraft do not have the legally required navigation lighting. This does not apply to boats with a skipper (captain). These can also be chartered well after sunset.

What are the boats cancellation policy?

All operators have their own terms and conditions and cancellation conditions. Please just ask in individual cases. Basically, if there is any danger to your well-being (COVID, thunderstorms, etc.), the boat trips will be canceled or rebooked free of charge by the operator.

How do I contact the boat owner or captain?

If you fill out the contact form of a boat, your request will be send directly to the owner of the boat. He or she will give you all further contacts to the on-board staff or catering. Please check before the day of your boat tour that you have all the information about the meeting point and a telephone number.

What do I have to consider when it comes to self-catering on a ship?

In case of free self-catering, you should bring your own plates, cups and cutlery (please use environmentally friendly and unbreakable materials if possible).The boat operator will send you information on cooling options.

Is there electricity on board?

There might be 220 volt sockets on some of the larger ships. Smaller boats and rafts are comparable to cars and usually feature the classic 12 volt sockets.