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Rent a raft on Berlin's lakes and rivers

Compare all rafts in Berlin and book your raft trip. First, you should ask yourself how big your group is and whether you want to drive the raft yourself, or rather rent a raft with a skipper. The maximum number of people is indicated on each raft.

The largest type of raft in our boat rental has room for 55 guests. It is usually rented with a skipper and has upscale equipment. This raft category is also called event raft and is suitable for larger groups.
Probably the best known type of raft is the Berlin barbecue raft. These are mostly small to medium-sized rafts. Since many of these rafts are equipped with a 15 hp outboard motor, they can be rented without a sport boat license. Lounge rafts are especially popular in the summer. They are usually located outside of Berlin's turbulent city center and are designed for swimming trips with a barbecue. Lounge rafts always have a large sun deck, a toilet, a swim ladder and a grill. Our most popular lounge rafts are the Goldelse and the Beluga.

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Rent a raft with a skipper

Larger barbecue and lounge rafts already include a skipper in the price. This raft category has more comfort on board. Toilets are standard equipment. Many lounge rafts also have a large upper deck to enjoy the sun.
You can drop anchor in a beautiful bay for a swim stop at any time. Play your music on the sound system and use the grill for an extensive barbecue. Raft trips with skipper are still possible in the dark. Party rafts are still cruising through Berlin's city center even at late hours.

Rafts that you can drive yourself

These rafts are slightly cheaper and must be returned to the harbor before sunset. No boat license is required to steer these rafts.
The handling is intuitive and easy to learn. Our raft station will give you on-site instruction on how to operate the raft and on the rules of conduct. As soon as you feel fit for the raft trip, you can set sail and explore the Havel River, the Wannsee Lake or the Müggelsee Lake. Renting a raft in Berlin is very easy.

Advantages of rafts over motorboats

Inexperienced sailors will be especially happy about the easy handling. Rafts offer a lot of space on deck and are often barrier-free. All barbecue rafts in Berlin have a gas grill and a swim ladder. But you can also rent rafts with extras like a toilet, stereo system and roof terrace. These special features are rather rare on motor boats due to the design.

How expensive is it to rent a raft in Berlin?

Prices vary depending on the type of raft and equipment. You can get a small barbecue raft from 189 € per day. Fuel will be added at the end of your tour. Larger rafts with skipper can be chartered from about 110 € per hour. A skipper and the fuel are already included in the price. No deposit is required at the raft rental desk.
Most of these rafts are located on the Havel River and Wannsee Lake. In the Rummelsburg Bay you will find our largest rafts, the Hauptstadtflöße. There is room for up to 45 people on them and you can expect hourly rates starting at 360 €.

Can we extend the raft trip spontaneously?

This is rarely possible. On weekends there is always a connecting tour booked, or you are already the last tour of the day. For self-drive rafts with day charter, the raft must be returned to the harbor at 19:00 in any case.

What happens in case of bad weather?

Please understand that bad weather (except thunderstorms) is not a reason for a free cancellation. All rafts have rain protection and many lounge rafts even have heating on board. The gas grill is ready for use even in the rain. So nothing stands in the way of your raft trip even in bad weather.

How far in advance should I rent a raft?

The high season is from May to September. During this time our raft rental is very busy and especially the Saturdays are usually booked out about two months in advance. On weekdays, however, you can often rent a raft spontaneously.

Can the raft pick us up at another place?

The start and finish of the rafts is always the home port. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pick you up or drop you off at another place. Otherwise, this would also involve costs for the empty ride and the foreign mooring.

Is there a seat for all guests on the raft?

The maximum number of people on the rafts is always chosen so that you can all find a seat. There is either lounge furniture, sun chairs or similar wooden furniture on board the rafts.

Is it possible to bring your own grill?

This is not possible. Each raft has a permanently installed gas grill. Please understand that for safety reasons we do not accept other fireplaces on board.

Do I need a boat license to rent a raft?

No, this is not necessary. However, you must be at least 18 years of age to rent a raft. All rafts are either equipped with outboard motors, which have a maximum power of 15 hp and are therefore license-free, or they are more exclusive rafts with a skipper. Professional skippers have all the necessary licenses to steer even the more powerful rafts and boats.

Where can I go rafting in Berlin?

Most of the rafts are located at the Pichelssee and the Stößensee in Berlin Spandau (just behind the Olympic Stadium). You can reach the raft rental by car via Heerstraße or by bus M49. The actual raft tour will then take you across the Havel River.
Highlights are the island Lindwerder, the lido Wannsee, the Peacock Island and the park of Babelsberg. Alternatively, you can rent a raft in Köpenick and sail across the Müggelsee or start in Spandau and explore Lake Tegel. Only party rafts with skipper and radio are allowed to enter the Berlin city center.

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