These are our favorite Berlin party boats and ships. This category is highly recommended for birthdays, bachelor parties, stag do and such like.

  • At some boats it`s possible to bring your own food for free.
  • The price always includes the captain.
  • Please compare the number of people that are allowed on each boat.

Please use the contact form of your favorite ship if you have questions or need a quote. You can also reach us via phone: 0049 30 243 786 22.

Josephine | Boat ride with a cabrio barge

The Josephine is the perfect ship for groups of up to 45 people. If the sun is shining we open the roof entirely.

The Josi is a most beautiful and versatile ship.Her elegantly furnished interior is equipped with its own bar, a full-fledged onboard galley and a stereo sound system and can accommodate groups up to 45 guests. All food is prepared and cooked fresh onboard for your chosen menus or buffets. From the charter cruise with your family and friends to corporate incentive tours through Berlin, let yourself enjoy the exclusive charm of a cruise aboard the Josephine.

Shipboard amenities

  • Excellent stereo sound system,
  • Dedicated and complete galley 
  • The upper deck can be opened to soak in the sun (when the weather allows)
  • Restrooms

Schiff mieten Berlin
 Up to 45 Persons From 220 € per hour All Details »

Partyboat Jimmy | Berlins finest Partyship

Berlin Partyship Jimmy - the perfect party boat in Berlin for up to 30 people (stag do, birthay party and much more).

The party boat provides:

  • bar (beer & cocktails)
  • BBQ-Grill (Smoker)
  • music system
  • smoke machine and lighting system 
  • cosy wood stove (winterproof)
  • sundeck with ladder
  • comfortable toilet
  • fridge (bar only)
  • Coolbox (self-catering - bring ice!)
  • soft top (rain protection for 15 people)

Special: You can bring your own food and drinks (no extra charge) but you have to take care of the leftovers / trash afterwards. There is also a top-notch cook that can satisfy even the most sophisticated wishes and of course a bar where you can buy drinks.

Partyboot mieten Berlin
 Up to 30 Persons From 160 € per hour All Details »

Goldelse | rent a lounge float and bbq boat

The Goldelse - our favorite lounge float to relax and swim.

The Goldelse features a 44 square meter top deck which offers space for your boat trip. 

  • lounge furniture
  • toilet
  • boarding ladder
  • cooling box
  • soundsystem (bluetooth)
  • bbq grill

We highly recommend groups with no more than 15 people to enjoy plenty of space. 

Berlin Boot mieten
 Up to 15 Persons From 100 € per hour All Details »

Hopper | Party Boat & Bachelor Party & Stag Do

The Hopper - renat a Berlin Party Boat for up to 19 people.

The Hopper always starts and ends at the Oberbaumbrücke (in front of the bar pirates).

  • sound and light system (Mini-Klinke & USB)
  • cooling box (bring your own ice)
  • weatherproof for 19 people
  • grill (gas)
  • toilet

You can bring your own food and drinks for free. You can cool your drinks in our fridge and use the grill for your BBQ.

JGA Partyboot Berlin Bachelor Party
 Up to 19 Persons From 100 € per hour All Details »

Chillturtle Tortuga | lake tours Berlin

Rent a boat Berlin - take a jump into the water or just chill in the sun.

The Tortuga is our allround boat. With its three big sunroofs and two big cabins there is lots of room for up to nine passengers. The boat is also allowed to drive into the inner city of Berlin. Because of the location we recommend trips to the Grunewaldturm, Wannsee, Tegeler See oder Pfaueninsel to take a swim or use the grill. We can also drop you of at a nice restaurant or beaches along the way.


  • Three sunroofs
  • Two cabins
  • Big stereo system
  • Toilet
  • Grill (on demand)
  • Lifejackets (for kids also)

Boot mieten Berlin
 Up to 9 Persons From 90 € per hour All Details »

Mieze | stag tours & boat ride Berlin

The partyboat Mieze was buid in 1969 as a shuttle boat and is now the perfect boat rental in Berlin for (stag) parties.

This cute little Party Boat is the perfect choice for trips with up to 25 people.

  • Stereo (bluetooth)
  • Camping toilet
  • Grill 

The boat is allowed to enter the inner city of Berlin and is a great choice for birthdays and bachlor parties. 

Special: Bring your own food and drinks for free! We do not offer catering or drinks.

Partyboot Mieze Berlin
 Up to 25 Persons From 130 € per hour All Details »

Sylvia | rent a party boat in Berlin

The Berlin party barge Sylvia is an ideal venue for family gatherings, weddings and all kinds of occasions.

Sylvia's history: Built in 1948 in the Jensen Werft in Hamburg and originally named Freddy. Freddy was then sold on two years later to a new owner who named the boat after his daughter, Sylvia, in 1950. Sylvia then moved on to Rostock-Warnemuende where she worked as a shuttle between the old Strom and hotel, carrying yacht harbour residents back and forth.

  • space for 25 people
  • the entire roof can be opened
  • sundeck
  • Stereosystem (MP3 / CD)
  • optional: BBQ - Grill
  • heating (in the wintertime)
  • toilet

Berlin Bootsverleih
 Up to 25 Persons From 160 € per hour All Details »

Golda | rent a ship in Berlin

The Golda - a Berlin party ship in the style of "the roaring 20s".

This classy Berlin passenger ship offers the charm of the golden 20s. The foredeck invites you to enjoy the sun while the saloon features precious woods and a lot of beautiful details. One gets the impression of a cocktailbar from times long past.

  • foredeck and quarterdeck
  • salon recommended for 45 - 50 people (max. 57)
  • stylish cocktailbar
  • soundsystem and DJ-set
  • professional lighting control
  • disco balls and fog machine upon request
  • catering upon request
  • toilets

Berliner Welle Golda
 Up to 57 Persons From 300 € per hour All Details »

Party Boat JAXS | Berlin Bootsverleih

Rent a VIP party boat in Berlin for up to 25 people (with sauna and whirlpool)

This floating palace leaves nothing to be desired:

  • whirlpool & sauna (70m² sundeck)
  • "US grill kitchen" with large banquet table
  • lounge seating group with fire pit
  • 2 standup puddle boards
  • Bose sound system
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • bathing platform
  • WiFi & TV
  • WC / shower
  • fireplace

The only things that you need to bring are good mood, towels, food and drinks.

Jaxs Hausboot Berlin
 Up to 25 Persons From 195 € per hour All Details »

Beluga | Rent a boat| Events

Event raft Beluga with walk-in roof for events for up to 20 people.

The boat is currently at the shipyard and will be equipped by March 2019 with complete glazing and roof rails. We are happy to adapt the equipment to your needs.


  • Weber gas grill (gas included)
  • Lounge furniture (on the roof and in the salon)
  • Sundeck / roof (walkable)
  • Salon with party lights
  • Soundsystem (bluetooth)
  • Cooling box (bring ice)
  • Bathing ladder
  • Toilet 

Havel and Wannsee are the home of this exclusive party boat. Here you will find Berlin's most beautiful bays and beaches for swimming and barbecue stops. 

Floß mieten
 Up to 20 Persons From 130 € per hour All Details »

Party Boat Berlin Country Star | rent a ship

Berlin Party Boat Country Star - boat tours for up to 25 guests

The Country Star starts in Köpenick and is the perfect choice for barbecues, swimming tours, family boat tours as well as party tours and bachelor parties.

  • below deck: 16 seats
  • sun deck: 14 seats
  • bow: 3 seats
  • soundsystem
  • bar area
  • sun deck
  • toilet

In three hours the tour will take you to lake Müggelsee for swimming and barbecue. If you want to leave the boat at another destination we will charge you the transfer (for example Oberbaumbridge: 190 €).

Partyboot Berlin Countrystar
 Up to 25 Persons From 160 € per hour All Details »

Hansa | Partyship & Eventlocation in Berlin

This historical partyship from the Luebecker engineering factory is the perfect boat to host all types of events while going for a tour through Berlin's inner city.

This boat accommodates up to 30 people and is a great venue to host a variety of events, whether a children's birthday party or a golden wedding anniversary. This large charterboat will take you across the Spree in style and we'll make sure your day is perfect! 


  • BBQ-grill (addon)
  • stereo system
  • rain cover
  • toilets

Sightseeing around Berlin's inner city or South of the Spree river towards Mueggelsee:

Hansa Schiff Berlin
 Up to 30 Persons From 200 € per hour All Details »

Partyship Vera | Berlin rent a boat

Rent the elegant Berlin party ship Vera.

The saloon and the stern offer plenty of room to sit down comfortably. There is a big outdoor area at the bow of the ship and the both sides of the saloon can be opened up in the summer. A heating system guarantees cosy temperatures in the winter.


  • bar in the saloon
  • heating system
  • optional: BBQ grill 60€
  • optional: touguide
  • stereo system
  • toilet

This party ship is a great location for sightseeing tours, parties, incentives or Birthdays.

Schiff mieten Berlin
 Up to 60 Persons From 320 € per hour All Details »

Partyraft | rent a boat in Berlin Spandau

The Berlin Partyraft "Locken Dieter" offers plenty of room for up to 30 guests. Rent yourself a swimming beach to party, grill, swim or chill out.

The raft is equipped with a big barbecue grill and a cabin. The latter allowing you a comfortable and dry tour on the Havel, even on rainy days. Pack your swimsuit and 29 of your best friends together and jump on the raft for an unique tour of Berlin.


  • Cabin (the side walls can be rolled up)
  • Stereo system (CD / Bluetooth / Klinke)
  • Table and seats
  • Disco lights
  • Toilet
  • Safety equipment
  • Lifejackets
  • Paddles
  • Barbecue grill

Partyfloss Berlin
 Up to 30 Persons From 800 € per day All Details »

Wappen vom Spandau | Berlin boat ride

Our bigges event- and party ship to enjoy the centre of Berlin with up to 300 guests.

The ship impresses with its generous space relationships both in the salon (below deck) and on the upper deck. More than 250 outdoor seats allow the passengers to enjoy the legendary "Berliner Luft" (air of Berlin) on a city tour through the capital. There are 152 seats in the salon below deck and still plenty of space for the dance floor and buffet.

  • maximum capacity: 300 guests
  • salon (below deck): 152 seats + dance floor + buffet
  • upper deck: 250 seats with tables
  • music system and microphone
  • toilets (male & female)
  • buffet & dance floor

Please keep in mind that depending on the kind of your party there might not be enough space to fit 300 guests below deck in case of rain.

Schiff mieten Berlin
 Up to 300 Persons From 550 € per hour All Details »

MS Heiterkeit | Passenger Ship & Event Location Berlin

The Berlin ship MS Heiterkeit offers plenty of space on different decks to host any kind of event.

The ship MS Heiterkeit was built in 1909 under the name "Karl Wilhelm" as a steam tugboat. Nowadays the ship belongs to one of Berlins favorite passenger and party ships. 


  • saloon: 60 seats
  • top deck: 30 seats
  • foredeck: 30 seats
  • quarterdeck: 25 seats

We recommend to book the ship for parties with up to 90 people. This will leave plenty of room for a buffet and a dance floor.

MS Heiterkeit
 Up to 90 Persons From 350 € per hour All Details »

Seminar Ship | Orca ten Broke | Events & Parties in Berlin

The seminar ship is a floating event location for up to 200 people.

This ship offers an exceptional location for events on the water. It is equipped with professional event technology, flexible in terms of furniture and climate-friendly in operation. Music events, parties, and birthdays, weddings and company parties will become the highlight of the year.

  • Underfloor heating & air conditioning
  • Professional event technology (projector etc.)
  • Hydraulically adjustable solar roof
  • Room height: 2.6 m
  • Sound system
  • Disability Access
  • Toilets

There is a 160 m² event room that can be divided into three rooms with mobile partitions. The room can accommodate up to 200 people.

Seminarschiff Berlin
 Up to 200 Persons From 600 € per hour All Details »

Party ship Saga | charter a ship

Event ship Saga - a great choice for Christmas parties, weddings, birthdays and corporate parties.

We are happy to customize the Saga to your individual needs. The bar offers fresh draft beer and chilled drinks.

  • 74 guests (48 seats in the salon and 26 seats outside)
  • In winter for groups with max. 48 people
  • Professional music system (Bluetooth pairable)
  • Microphone system
  • Heating (in winter)
  • Toilet

Enjoy the sun on the spacious foredeck. There is also a cozy sitting area in the stern.

Schiff mieten Berlin
 Up to 74 Persons From 300 € per hour All Details »

H2Loft | rent a VIP lounge boat in Berlin

Berlins finest event ship for boat trips with up to 12 people

Enjoy lounge feeling with an unobstructed view over lake Havel. This luxurious business house boat has a lot to offer. Celebrate with your company and business partners or use it as a platform for workshops or team events. The atmosphere will raise your creativity to new limits.


  • great upper deck with lounge furniture
  • beamer, screen & flipchart
  • sauna & jacuzzi
  • soundsystem
  • bathroom
  • bbq grill

Our service staff (already included) guarantees your comfort. Enjoy perfect moments with all the luxury of a swimming penthouse. 

H20 VIP Boat
 Up to 12 Persons From 1950 € per day All Details »

Passenger ship Angela (Havel, Wannsee & Potsdam)

The passenger ship Angela can host smaller events and parties in and around Berlin city.

The ship MS Angela was built as a passenger ship in 1951. A Berlin shipping company bought it in 2014 and restored it to perfect shape.


  • saloon: 38 seats
  • top deck: 40 seats
  • foredeck: 20 seats

We recommend to book the ship for parties with up to 40 people. This will leave plenty of room for a buffet and a dance floor.

Schiff mieten Berlin
 Up to 75 Persons From 280 € per hour All Details »

Sightseeing Boat Libelle | Berlin sightseeing

The Chartership Libelle is a good choice for groups of up to 25 people.

If catering is desired, it is recommended to limit your group to 20 guests. For your comfort, the banks of this barge are padded and arranged in a U-shape.


  • Hardtop roof
  • The sides parts are transparent and can be rolled up.
  • Speaker system and microphone are provided on board.
  • Beverages (cooled)
  • Heating
  • WC

The minimum cruise time of the Libelle is three hours for the price of 600, - € incl. VAT. (Pier : Spittelmarkt).

Libelle Berlin
 Up to 25 Persons From 120 € per hour All Details »

Boat Tour Berlin | Cooltimes Party Boat

The Berlin party ship "Cooltimes" was built in 1894 and takes up to 21 passenger on a Berlin boat ride.

This classy partyboat offers a perfect boat trip through the inner city of Berlin.

The party boat provides:

  • sunshade & rain shelter
  • BBQ-gasgrill
  • music system (Bluetooth / USB)
  • sundeck with ladder
  • toilet & shower
  • fridge & Coolbox 

We recommend to use the BBQ-grill and relax on deck. Ask us for catering. 

GeileZeit Partyboot Berlin
 Up to 21 Persons From 180 € per hour All Details »

Salon Ship MS Marple | Berlin boat trip

MS Marple - celebrate with us in the style of the last century on the waterways of Berlin & Potsdam.

The MS Marple can accommodate up to 27 people and has been finely restored with the finest materials in teak and mahogany. The technology is fundamentally renewed with an ecological and low-noise engine.

  • Season from March to Christmas
  • All around panoramic view
  • Exclusive catering
  • Fire place and heating
  • Smoking deck
  • Toilet

You can enjoy a protected all-round panoramic view in any weather. With the fireplace and the heating you can charter the Ms Marple until December. Treat yourself to a well-deserved break with chilled drinks and a delicious buffet on the cozy leather sofa.

Salonschiff MS Marple
 Up to 27 Persons From 295 € per hour All Details »

Luxury Boat AIDA Berlin | boat trips & events

1930 the AIDA was commissioned by the royal treasurer Gösta Tholin. 

Equipped with the most modern engine of its time, the Aida was the pride of the Swedish Royals. It now lies at the Abion Villa in the center of the city and offers spectacular Berlin boat tours.

  • 12 seats on the quarterdeck
  • 10 seats on the bridge deck 
  • 8 places in the salon
  • Exclusive seating area
  • TV and sound system
  • Bar cabinet 
  • Toilet

The most prominent material on bord the AIDA is mahogany which underlines the exclusive impression of this beautiful ship.  

AIDA Berlin
 Up to 20 Persons From 200 € per hour All Details »

Aphrodite (Riva-Bus) | boat trip Berlin

You'll get a good impression of the water city and Italian charm while sitting on board the beautiful boat Aphrodite, a Riva bus in rustic pink.

The Riva bus accommodates up to 20 people with an experience of some Italien flair. Enjoy a relaxing boat tour in Berlin and listen to the exciting story of how the Barcaiolo got a hold of a framed autograph from Sophia Loren.

Built in 1950 with space for up to 20 people, this restored rental boat is perfect for gatherings with your family, friends or colleagues. The powerful 78 hp marine diesel will safely take you through Berlin's water ways.

Aphrodite is located in the Rummelsburger Bucht in Berlin Treptow, which serves as a perfect starting point for trips into the inner city as well as out towards the more peaceful, greener areas of Berlin (such as the Mueggelsee).

Rosa Eventboot Berlin
 Up to 20 Persons From 195 € per hour All Details »

Charter Vessel Bon Ami | rent a ship

Exclusive charter vessel in Berlin for up to 55 people

  • big sundeck
  • BBQ-Grill
  • Beamer
  • microphone system
  • sound system
  • heating
  • toilets

The Bon Ami starts at Hosteiner Ufer in Berlin Moabit. 

Berlin Schiff chartern
 Up to 80 Persons From 380 € per hour All Details »

Rent a ship in Berlin | Charter Vessel La Belle

Exclusive Charter Ship La Belle at Berlin rent a boat

  • big sundeck
  • BBQ-Grill
  • Beamer
  • microphone system
  • sound system
  • heating
  • toilets

The Bon Ami starts at Hosteiner Ufer in Berlin Moabit. 

Exclusiv Yachtcharter
 Up to 75 Persons From 220 € per hour All Details »

Paddle Steamer Europa | rent a boat Berlin

Take a boat ride at the paddle steamer Europa through the inner city of Berlin.

  • under deck (85 people)
  • over all (150 people max)
  • our recommendation: 85 people
  • BBQ-Grill
  • beamer
  • microphone system
  • sound system
  • heating
  • toilets

The Europa starts at Hosteiner Ufer 32 in Berlin Moabit. 

Exclusiv Yachtcharter
 Up to 130 Persons From 380 € per hour All Details »

Diva | rent an Event Ship in Berlin Treptow

Rent the event ship Diva - an original Berlin passenger ship with bbq grill.

The Diva is the perfect platform for all kinds of events like incentives, familiy events, company parties, weddings and much more. This ship will enchant you with the typical "Berliner Schnauze" (cheeky but straight from the heart). 


  • Soundsystem
  • BBQ Grill
  • Toilets
  • Bar

We recommend the ship for groups not larger than 70 people to ensure that you have plenty of space on your boat trip trough Berlin. You can book a great variety of catering. Just let us know when you fill out the form below.

Schifffahrt Berlin
 Up to 100 Persons From 400 € per hour All Details »

Previous Policeboat Kotaro | rent a boat Berlin

The Berlin party boat Kotaro used to be a boat from the former DDR.

Today, Kotaro serves as a great hire boat, as its been beautifully restored and offers a large amount of space for bathing tours, stag dos, children's birthday parties and any other occasions you can think of.

The boat has a toilet and a fridge, which can come in very handy on those hot Berlin summer days. There is also a tarp cover for those rainier days.

Kotaro Berlin
 Up to 18 Persons From 185 € per hour All Details »

Moguntia | Rent a boat in Berlin Treptow

Take a boat trip to Berlin city and enjoy all sightseeing highlights from a chilled perspective.

The Moguntia was built in 1922 and has just been refittet to offer boat trips in Berlin. Do you want to organize a stag night, birthday party or just need a shuttle boat. This rental boat offers a lot of possibilities for up to 18 passengers.

The ship is equipped with a toilet.

Schiffskontor Mietboot
 Up to 19 Persons From 195 € per hour All Details »

Kreuz AS | rent a ship Berlin Charlottenburg

The Kreuz AS is Berlin`s finest party ship with a capacity of up to 150 passengers.

Our biggest Event Ship in Berlin was build in 1929 in "Brandenburg at the Havel". She is the last running ship of the so called AS-class. Today the Kreuz AS offers you a great variety of options. I you are planing an incentive trip with your company or a huge wedding - this ship will make it happen.


  • Three different levels
  • Two bars
  • High end Disco
  • Light effect machine
  • High end stereo system
  • Capacity in the lounge: 150 passengers
  • Capacity upper deck: 150 passengers

Event Ship Rental Berlin
 Up to 150 Persons From 850 € per hour All Details »

Nostalgie | Passenger Ship Charlottenburg

The event ship Nostalgie offers you a lot of space to celebrate events of any kind.

  • Three levels
  • Bar
  • Stereo system
  • Capacity in the lounge: 45 passengers
  • Capacity upper deck: 54 passengers
  • Capacity with buffet: 40 passengers
  • BBQ option at the afterdeck 

Schiff mieten Berlin
 Up to 54 Persons From 300 € per hour All Details »

Partyship Lord | boat tour Berlin

The Berlin barge “Lord”  has been serving since 2006 as charter boat on the Spree.

This charter boat is ideal for up to 23 guests. If catering is desired, it is recommended to limit your group to 18 guests. For your comfort, the banks of this barge are padded and arranged in a U-shape.


  • Hardtop roof
  • The sides parts are transparent and can be rolled up.
  • Speaker system and microphone are provided on board.
  • Beverages (cooled)
  • Heating
  • WC

The minimum cruise time of the Lord is three hours for the price of 600, - € incl. VAT. (Pier : Tegeler Weg or Caprivi bridge). 

Barkasse Lord Berlin
 Up to 23 Persons From 120 € per hour All Details »

Dora Maar | Saloon Boat Berlin boat rental

This classic Berlin event boat has been turning heads for about 100 years. 

Whether you're sunbathing on the deck or enjoying the beautifully restored saloon, just relax in this timeless classic. This event boat is perfect for gatherings of up to 20 people. You could meander through Berlin's inner city, enjoying all the beach bars and party locations or show your colleagues the sights of Berlin. 

  • space for up to 20 people
  • toilet
  • stereo system

Dora Maar Berlin
 Up to 20 Persons From 125 € per hour All Details »

Philippa | Eventschiff Berlin (Urbanhafen)

The Berlin Event Ship Philippa is the perfect boat to host exclusive events for up to 80 people.

She is inspired by the famous style of the Roaring twenties. Helm and oak woods are here used to set the tone of a decidedly lavish saloon. For all your events, her lower deck can comfortably cater to up to 80 guests in an unforgettable ambiance. The upper deck providing the perfect atmosphere on beautiful days to relax and enjoy Berlin and its beautiful sights. The ship is also notable for being among the few passenger ships capable of breaking through 8cms of thick ice with her impressive hull.

The Philippa and her little sister Josephine are both specialized to offer you an amazing dining experience aboard and an unique impression. Exclusive catering is thus an integral part of any boat cruise with professional staff catering to all your needs.


Urbanhafen Philippa
 Up to 79 Persons From 500 € per hour All Details »

M. S. Stralau | rent a lounge boat or party boat in Berlin

Event Ship Stralau - party boat, wedding venue or incentive in Berlin.

Having all the modern, technical equipment provides a great atmosphere and covers all your needs. Celebrate with up to 80 people on a boat tour, go out on a day trip or hire this boat for the next big sport event, making this one big party boat. The partyship 'M.S. Stralau' is a one of a kind lounge boat. Its fitted with:

  • a 2CH Hifi-system
  • Dolby 7.1 video, 42-inch flatscreen TV, DVB-T, HDTV 
  • LED ceiling lighting

The ship provides an attractive, maritime style interior joined of teak, stainless steel and leather furniture. The big open area is the perfect space for any type of event. You can also celebrate on the deck and enjoy the bar out there.

Schiff mieten Berlin
 Up to 80 Persons From 650 € per hour All Details »

Arcona | Berlin event location

The Berlin Party Ship Arcona offers plenty of room for events with up to 65 passengers.

The ship has just been renovated at the shipyard Malz. It is a historic jewel from the outside tha offers modern and comfortable interior fittings.


  • Bar & Catering
  • High-End-Soundsystem
  • Modern interior fittings
  • Open fore- and quarterdeck
  • Heating
  • Toilet

Home port: Berlin Treptow / Rummelsburger Bucht

Eventboot Berlin mieten
 Up to 65 Persons From 640 € per hour All Details »

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