Boat tour through the Landwehrkanal

Landwehr Canal boat trip

How long is a boat tour through the Landwehr Canal?

A boat tour through Berlin's Landwehr Canal is one of the absolute highlights of boating in Berlin. The trip takes about 2 hours. However, the Landwehr Canal is a one-way street and may only be traversed from the Spree in Berlin Kreuzberg in the direction of Berlin Charlottenburg. For return trip through the city center, you should therefore plan at least 5 hours of travel time.

What is there to see in the Landwehr Canal?

Your ship first passes through the "Oberschleuse". Then it goes right into the heart of Kreuzberg. Even for locals, there is hardly a more beautiful place than the Landwehr Canal in the evening light. On the banks of the canal you get a first impression of how close to the water Berlin is built. Watch people grill, play, laugh, cry, kiss and drink a beer or two. During the trip you can take a look at Berlin pub instances like the "Ankerklause" or the "Schleusenkrug". Cultural hotspots of this boat tour are the "Admiralsbrücke" and the "Urbanhafen". At the halfway point, the tour passes through the "Tiergarten" and into the "Unterschleuse". Charlottenburg Palace follows and on the return trip the well-known sights of a Spree cruise.


The Landwehr Canal is 10.73 kilometers long, 22 meters wide and two meters deep. Since 2013, ships and boats are only allowed to navigate the Landwehr Canal from Kreuzberg towards Charlottenburg.
Since the 19th century, this has been one of the most important canals in the city and runs through the districts of Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Tiergarten and Charlottenburg in Berlin. During the growing industrialization, the canal served as a transport route and was of great importance for the rapid development of the city during the early days of Berlin.

Today, the Landwehr Canal promenade serves as a meeting place for Berliners and tourists on warm summer evenings. Here you can enjoy the laid back atmosphere and an after-work drink, while small and also large ships pass the canal. The Landwehr Canal impresses with its idyllic banks and is especially popular for boat trips along the River Spree. During a boat tour, the hustle and bustle of the capital can be observed particularly well.

Boat tour through the Landwehr Canal on the Philippa ship

Boats in the Landwehr Canal

Where does my Landwehr Canal tour start?

The start of your boat tour depends on which boat you want to book. Our boats start at different piers all over Berlin. Some boats start centrally in Mitte at the Historischer Hafen, others at the Oberbaumbrücke or in the Rummelsburger Bucht. Many of our boats can sail through the Landwehrkanal, some of them unfortunately cannot due to the draft of the boat. Therefore, when choosing a boat, please make sure that the boat of your choice can actually pass the Landwehrkanal. Above you will find all the boats that will take you on a tour of the Landwehrkanal.

Can I take a self-drive boat through the Landwehr Canal?

Only boats that are rented with a skipper pass through the Landwehr Canal. Radio communication is mandatory in the center of Berlin, as there are many locks that can only be reached by radio. In the Landwehrkanal itself there is no radio obligation, but since it is a one-way street, you will inevitably have to pass through the city center again with radio obligation on the way back. Boats, which will take you through the Landwehrkanal, start with a group size of 12 - 70 persons. There is always a skipper on board who will take you safely through all the locks and the beautiful, romantic Landwehr Canal.

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