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Boats and rafts with a grill

What could be more beautiful than sailing on a barbecue raft across the Havel, Wannsee or Müggelsee on a summer's day? That is what we thought too and equipped a large part of our fleet with a gas grill. Rent your BBQ raft and enjoy an unforgettable day in Berlin. You can drop anchor in a beautiful bay at any time and throw a few juicy steaks on the grill at the same time. Or you can sail through the city center and enjoy a delicious BBQ next to the capitals sights.

How can I rent a barbecue boat in Berlin?

Below you will find all boats and rafts in Berlin that have a grill. Usually it is a gas or electric grill and you do not need to bring coal or your own grill. Do you prefer to go out into nature towards the Havel and Wannsee or are you drawn to the city center? In the detailed view of the individual rafts you will find the respective home port and the routes. For longer tours starting in Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Köpenick, you can also go to the popular Müggelsee and drop anchor there. If you have found a barbecue raft that you like, simply fill out the contact form of the boat. The operator will get back to you immediately.

Barbecue boat rental Berlin

Which barbecue raft is best for me?

In the end, you can only answer this question yourself. Simply compare in the overview the permitted number of people, the price and the design of the barbecue raft. The Beluga, for example, has a particularly nice sun deck. The T-Bone offers a lot of space and has a really exclusive bathroom. We highly recommend our barbecue boat Tegel (Mathilda). The small barbecue rafts for self-drivers are particularly inexpensive to rent, but must be returned to the harbor by sunset. In the city center or on the Müggelsee you should go for the "Hauptstadtflöße" if you want to enjoy a BBQ on the water. The possibilities to enjoy a good steak on a boat are almost limitless.

Barbecue boat in Tegel or on the Wannsee?

Lake Tegel is an absolute insider tip in Berlin. The water is particularly clear and clean. There are beautiful bays for swimming breaks and the shores are almost completely forested. Your peace and quiet will not be disturbed by crowded bathing beaches in Tegel. Our most popular barbecue boat in Tegel is the Mathilda. It departs directly from the Greenwichpromenade on Lake Tegel.
At the Wannsee boat hire you will find particularly unusual rafts with barbecue and sun deck. Here you can also go on extended excursions to Potsdam.

What do I have to consider if I rent a barbecue boat in Berlin?

Your tour with a barbecue boat in Berlin is already booked and you wonder what you need to bring? In any case you should bring enough meat or vegetables and delicious drinks. Most boats have a large cooler. All you have to do is bring ice cubes. Are you vegetarian or vegan? Then bring a special grill plate to grill your vegetables and cheese separately. Please also remember dishes, cutlery and cups. There is great and eco-friendly disposable dinnerware made from wood and corn. Champagne and wine glasses have an extremely short life expectancy on board due to waves. A large trash bag is increasingly popular at the end of a barbecue tour. In the name of the environment: Please always make sure that the garbage stays inside the boat.

On larger ships with grill, operators occasionally charge a so-called corkage fee. This is a small amount that is due per guest if the catering is not purchased on the ship. In this case you can usually use plates, cutlery and glasses from the on-board bar. In most cases self-catering is free of charge. You will always find this information in the respective detailed view of a boat. Alternatively, you can also order a complete catering on many boats.

Our tips: Barbecue tongs tend to end up at the bottom of the Spree or Havel rivers. It never hurts to bring an extra grill tool. For a nice tip, our skippers are usually willing to act as grill masters for you.

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