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The most beautiful moment of your life

Your own wedding is one of the most beautiful days in your life. This event is not celebrated just anywhere. The location should be something very special. We offer you an extraordinary place in Berlin, where you can celebrate your love.
Celebrate your wedding exclusively on a boat in Berlin and sail with your guests over the Spree and Havel rivers. Make your marriage an unforgettable event. We offer a wide range of boats and ships for wedding parties, with or without catering.

How do I find the perfect boat for my wedding reception?

First you should ask yourself how many guests you expect. Once you have the guest list for your wedding ready, you can start looking for the right ship in Berlin. Simply enter the desired number of people in the search filter under the menu item "Boats" and find your favorite ship. Do you want to offer your guests an exclusive catering or would you rather take care of the catering yourself? Many of our boats offer exclusive catering. On other ships you can also bring your own food and drinks and, if desired, fire up the grill. Have you found a boat that meets your expectations for the most beautiful day in your life? Then simply fill out the respective contact form. We will get back to you immediately and will be happy to discuss any open questions.

Ships in Berlin for your wedding

What do I need to bring for my wedding on the water?

Most of our boats have a sound system on board, which can be easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. If you want to play your own music, you only need to bring your favorite playlist and the party can start. We also offer boats on which DJ equipment can be connected or is already available.
You want to celebrate your wedding in summer and combine it with a bathing tour? Many of our boats will sail with you in the direction of Wannsee or Müggelsee and anchor in the most beautiful bays of Berlin. Just pack your swimsuit, bikini and towel and refresh yourself with a jump into the cool water at hot temperatures.
Are you wondering if you can spruce up the boat with the right decorations for your wedding party? Just let us know. After consultation, decorating the boat is possible on most ships. Please make sure that the decoration can be completely removed afterwards. Just contact us, we will gladly clarify with you whether and when you can decorate the selected boat.

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Please use this contact form for general questions about boat rental in Berlin or if you own a boat, ship or raft and want to post it on our website. For specific questions about individual boats and rafts, please always use the contact form of the respective boat. Your message will then reach the right contact person immediately.

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