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Where do we find the boat?
The meeting point is at the bus stop Pichelswerder (bus M49 direction Spandau). Please wait for us there about 10 minutes before the start of your tour. We will pick you up. Please understand that delays will be deducted from your journey time. The bus stop is closest to the boat pier. We will call you if we do not find you at the meeting point. Please do not try to find the pier on your own, but wait for us there! If you come by car: As an address for your navigation system we recommend Heerstraße 185 in 13595 Berlin. Park your car there in the forest parking lot by the curry sausage stand (right across from the bus stop) and take all your stuff with you to the meeting point bus stop across the street on Heerstraße. Attention: Please let us know at least 24 hours before the start of the trip if you do NOT want us to give your cell phone number to your skipper to cal you shortly before the tour.

Do we have to pay a deposit?
Yes, please hand over a cash deposit of 200 € to the skipper on site. The deposit will be returned immediately after the trip, provided no damage has been caused to the boat (e.g. burn marks from cigarettes, improper use or clogging of the toilet etc.).

Can we get to the boat earlier to put up decorations?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. We can only let you on board as a complete group and at the earliest 10 minutes before the agreed start time.

Can I drive up to the boat to unload?
The meeting point is the closest place to unload a car. You can really only get to the boat's mooring on foot (via an approx. 200 m long trail). It is best to park in the free forest car park and as close as possible to Heerstraße. Please note: The trail is not passable for wheelchair users or only with assistance. Guests with walking difficulties are advised to consult us before setting off.

What happens in bad weather?
The boat is covered and offers protection from rain. It is not possible to postpone or cancel the tour due to bad weather. Only in the event of severe weather (hail, storm, volcanic eruption, lightning & thunder) will the tour be canceled by us. You will then receive an alternative date or your money back. Please do not be misled by weather forecasts!

Can we stop on the way to pick up or drop off people?
This is only possible by prior arrangement and only in the home port. The normal tour always starts and ends in the home port. In between, you can of course anchor in a beautiful bay at any time. But then you can only leave the boat in a swimming costume ;) We are not allowed to pick up or drop off guests at any other pier or jetty.

Is there a music system on board?
Yes, a BlueTooth box is on board and included in the price. Please do not bring your own sound system on board. Towards the evening we have to reduce the music volume significantly.

Can we bring food and drinks?
All information and prices for drinks and self-catering can be found HERE.
In case of self-catering you have to take garbage and empties with you after the tour. Optionally we take over your garbage for a flat rate of 20 €. Attention: Illegal rubbish disposal after the tour (e.g. at the bus stop) will result in a penalty bill afterwards, as the rubbish is spread all over the forest overnight by raccoons and wild boars.

What is included in the barbecue rental?
The barbecue rental includes the gas and the final cleaning of the barbecue. The grill surface has a size of 50cm x 50cm.

Do small children count as a "whole" person?
Yes, the admission of the boats refers to persons of all ages.

Can we go on board even though we are under 18?
No. This is only possible when accompanied by at least one supervisor. For example, if you are celebrating an 18th birthday, at least one parent must come along.

Is there electricity on board?

Are there cooling facilities on board?
There is a cool box (approx. 100 x 50 cm) on board. Please bring enough ice cubes or cooling elements for cooling.

Is there a toilet on board?
Yes, there is also a urinal and a hand basin on board. Toilet paper and towels are of course also provided.

Are we allowed to smoke on board?
Yes, smoking is ONLY allowed outside. Please use the ashtrays provided.

Are we allowed to bring fireworks or confetti on board?

Are high heels the appropriate footwear on the boat?
No! Please bring sneakers.

Are dogs or other pets allowed on board?

Which route do we take?
Your boat trip will go in the direction of Lindwerder, Wannsee, Pfaueninsel and Potsdam (with long sailing times). You can drop anchor almost anywhere, go swimming and fire up the barbecue.

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