ANNA | Rent a stylish boat in Berlin

max. 29
YOM 1911
73 HP
16.94 Meter

Nostalgic boat tours for up to 29 people

Why not go on an adventure and explore Berlin's water ways from a different perspective on this beautifully restored tugboat, ANNA. The ship fits 29 people and provides a lovely space for celebrations and events.

Restored tug and icebreaker

  • two cabins below deck

  • stereo system

  • refrigerator

  • restroom  

This rental boat was built in 1911 in Tangermuende as a tugboat and icebreaker, and continued to be active in service until the 1960s. Once retired, the boat was taken nearly completely apart before the family Brodthagen decided to restore it and give it new life. 

The ship is located in the historical port in Berlin Mitte (Fischerinsel). A perfect place to begin your boat journey.

Special: You can bring your own food and drinks (no extra charge) but you have to take care of the trash afterwards.

Rental price

3 hours
660 €
Every additional hour
220 €
Harbor Tax
60 €

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