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Bachelor party for men

Berlin is a popular destination for stag parties from all over the world. We offer you the right boats and rafts to have a good time on the water.

In Berlin's city centre, we rent out stag boats exclusively with skippers. On the Havel River you can book rafts and motorboats and drive them yourself. Enjoy your bachelor party on Berlin's waters.

Stag party ideas

  • rent a barbecue boat and bring enough food and drinks with you

  • have a limousine drive you to the jetty

  • book a skipper or appoint a sober boat driver

  • enjoy beer and steaks on the water

  • listen to your own music on the boat's sound system

  • jump into the water and refresh yourself for the party night in Berlin

  • take a limousine or taxi to the next bachelor party location

Attention: Please respect the crew of your boat and other boats. In case of damage, the deposit is quickly lost and if you drink and drive, you will also lose your driving license.

Bachelor parties are generally only possible for groups of less than 20 people.

Bachelor boats and rafts in Berlin