Bachelor party Berlin

bachelor party Berlin

Bachelor party (JGA for men) 

We offer a great variety of party boats and rafts for your bachelor party in Berlin. You can drive with your stag crew on a boat through the city center of Berlin or sail with a raft over the surrounding lakes. 

Berlin is a popular destination for stag parties 

In the city center we rent stag boats with skipper. On the Havel River and Müggelsee you can book party boats, rafts and motor boats and drive them yourself. Enjoy your bachelor party on Berlin's waters and treat the bachelor to an unforgettable last day in freedom.

How to book a party boat for a JGA in Berlin? 

Below you will find an overview of all party boats and rafts in Berlin on which bachelor parties are possible. First choose between party boats in the city center (e.g. the Hopper) or rafts which you can drive yourself. Keep in mind with the latter that one of your guys has to stay sober to drive the boat. Or book a party boat with skipper, so that your whole crew can drink beer. Now rent the right party boat by filling out the respective contact form.

Bachelor boats and rafts in Berlin

What should you bring to a bachelor party on a boat? 

Since all of our party boats have a grill, you can bring plenty of meat and beer. Plan a visit to the supermarket before your boat trip and treat the groom to steaks and drinks. We advise you to start the day with a good barbecue so you can still party hard in the evening.
Bring your own music. Most party boats have their own sound system. So all you need to do is bring a playlist of your favorite songs on your phone. 

What is the best way to get to the party boats? 

Have a limousine take the groom to the jetty on the day of the bachelor party or use public transportation. In Berlin, you can really get to absolutely every destination by bus or train. Good alternatives are also the classic cab or Uber. With car sharing, you should make sure in advance whether you can park the vehicle directly at the destination.

Are there any special rules on the party boats? 

Please respect the crew of your boat and exercise restraint towards other boats. If you drink and drive, your driver's license is also in danger. We also ask for your understanding that bachelor parties are generally only possible for groups of less than 20 people. Strippers are only possible on boats after consultation with the operators.

What other ideas are there for a bachelor party in Berlin? 

If your bachelor party should continue after the party boat tour, there are many possibilities in Berlin. A classic is of course a visit to a strip club. The "Rush Hour" in Trautenaustr. 23 has been a very hip place for strip shows in Berlin for many years. 

How much does a stag party on a boat cost? 

Prices vary depending on the type of boat and equipment. You can rent some of the small rafts for under 200 € for the entire day. For larger party boats for up to 20 people, you can expect prices between 120 € and 150 € per hour. Here, however, the costs for fuel, final cleaning and the skipper are already included.

Of course, all boats can also be booked for hen parties.

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