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max. 6
6 Meter

Houseboats for tours in Berlin

Whether you're looking for a boat trip spanning a number of days, these charming little boats are great and very comfortable. On board there are 3 beds, cooking facilities (gas), a bio-toilet, and a radiator for colder days. This is a unique and exciting way to explore Berlin's city and waters.

Floating living room

  • 4 sleeping areas

  • 60L fresh water

  • toilet

  • galley (incl. gas cooker)

  • plates and cutlery

  • fridge

  • soundsystem

These water coaches are easy to use and do not require a license. So whether you fancy a romantic dinner for just the two of you or perhaps you prefer the idea of a fancy dress pirate party, you'll find these boats are perfect for any kind of occasion. Located near the Oberbaumbruecke, your journey will begin at Schlesische Strasse where you'll be ready to explore all that Berlin has to offer.

Rental price

Price (main-season / off-season)
2 days
260 € / 221 € per day
3 - 4 days
240 € / 204 € per day
5 - 7 days
210 € / 179 € per day
8 - 14 days
190 € / 162 € per day

Dogs are not allowed.

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