Canal boat | Berlin sightseeing

max. 55
YOM 1991

City tours and sightseeing in the capital

Due to the open panoramic roof of this Sightseeing-Boat, you will be able to have an optimal 100% all-around view of Berlin and enjoy an unforgettable visual experience. In the hot summer days, the legendary air of Berlin, freely caressing your face, will bring you a welcome and pleasant respite. The seating arrangement of the ship are flexible and can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Equipment of the canal boat

  • microphone and speaker system

  • beverages ( cooled)

  • panoramic roof

  • heating

  • toilet

If catering is desired, the buffet tables on board can be mounted, in which case the optimal number of guests is limited to up to 35-40 passengers. For your comfort, you will also be able to enjoy on board a select range of beverages ; for instance: mineral water 0.33l 2,- €, Coca Cola and Pils 0.33l 2,50€.

Berlin Sightseeing: Live explanations are available in German, english and many other languages. 

Rental price

1 hour (until 7 pm)
500 €
2 hours
800 €
1 hour (past 7 pm)
400 €
2 hours
600 €

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