Lübeck | historical barge & dinner yacht

max. 12
YOM 1962

Boat tours in a historic atmosphere

The historical barge Lübeck was exclusively commissioned by the Lübeck Harbor Company in 1962 as an excursion yacht primarily to entertain Finnish timber suppliers on the water. The Lübeck has room for up to 12 people inside and outside, can be heated and sails all year round.

Equipment on the ship

  • interior dining table with upholstered armchairs for 12 people

  • outside deck with 12 upholstered seats

  • auxiliary heating (in winter)

  • can be rented all year round

  • toilet

  • kitchen area with refrigerator

  • sound system

  • beamer & screen

The Lübeck has its home port in Berlin Köpenick, directly opposite Köpenick Castle, at the hotel in the marina. Therefore, it is a good idea to start and end the trip there. A trip over the Köpenick lakes is perfect. But also city tours are possible.

We recommend a booking of 4 hours or more to experience an impressive lake tour over the Müggelberge.

Rental price

3 hours
4 hours
5 hours
6 hours
every additional hour

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